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Difficulty Viewing Google Files

Are you unable to view Google files in your course? Check if you are on a school Google account. It could be that your school security setting is restricting access and you will need to view it by signing into a personal Google account.

Check If You Are On A School Google Account

1.  If you are receiving a message to request access to a Google file, check if you are logged in on your school Google account. If you are, click on the Google account. 

2.  You will be prompted to Choose an Account or Sign into Another Account.  

3.  If you choose to sign in to another account, you will be prompted on the next screen to choose an account or you can use another account. 

4.  On the next screen, you can either choose to sign in to your existing personal Google account or you may create a new account if you do not have a personal Google account. 

5. Once you are signed into your personal Google account, navigate back to your Google file and see if you are able to view the document.

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