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How to Use Panopto Video Search in a Canvas Course

Who can use this feature?

Users with all roles

Available to Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans


Learn how to search the video library for a video and search inside a video. Panopto makes finding content easy by making all video content searchable including words spoken, words shown on screen, and words shown in slides. To learn more about how Panopto's video search works, please see Learn About Smart Search.


  • Viewer access to Panopto

  • Search the Library or a Folder
  • Search for a keyword in the search bar at the top of the page. If you are in the Home or Everything area, the entire library will be searched. If you are in a folder, just that folder of videos will be searched (Fig. 1).

Panopto site, upper left corner. The Search bar is featured.
Figure 1
  • Video search results will appear in the content area below (Fig. 2).
Video search results in Panopto.
Figure 2
  • You will see videos where the word you searched appears in the title. But you will also see results if the word was spoken, shown on screen, or shown in slides in a video (Fig. 3). You will see where in the video the word appears by looking in the search results below the video title.
Search results on an individual video in the libraryFigure 3
  • To play a video from the beginning, click on the title or image (Fig. 4).
Video in the Video Library. The video title and thumbnail are both highlighted by a red box.
Figure 4
  • To play a video from where the keyword appears, click on one of the search results below the video title (Fig. 5). The video will open in a new tab and begin to play at that point where the word appeared.

Video in the Video Library. The search results are highlighted by a red box.
Figure 5
  • Searching Inside a Video
    • In the video player, use the search bar on the left to search inside of the video (Fig. 6).

The Panopto viewer. Right beneath the primary video/audio stream, located in the upper left-hand corner, the box "Search this recording" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 6

  • Enter your search keyword and click the magnifying glass icon. All the search results for the video will appear and will be timestamped. Click on a search result to view that point in the video. The search bar will search the video and its related contents for your keyword (Fig. 7).

Search results in the Panopto Interactive Viewer
Figure 7
  • To the left of the search result is a small icon indicating how the keyword was conveyed. These icons represent when the keyword was conveyed through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), transcription, or a caption; Optical Character Recognition (OCR); slide content; discussion post or comment; notes; bookmarks; and Audio Descriptions (Fig. 8). Note: ASR identifies words spoken in the video and OCR identifies words that appear in the video. To search the video's Audio Descriptions, the video must have been created or edited after March 25, 2022

Iconography key for search results
Figure 8
  • To narrow your search, choose Search All at the top of the results, and select a specific area to search (Fig. 9).

Search window, where the "Search all" menu is expanded and highlighted by a red box.
Figure 9
  • By default, the search results are shown in order of relevance, but you can also choose this option at the top of the results and instead show the results in time order (Fig. 10)

The drop-down menu "Sort by" has been selected and is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 10

For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation

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