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How to Submit a Panopto Video Assignment in a Canvas Course

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This documentation will go over how to create recordings with Panopto and submit them as assignments in Canvas. If you need to see documentation on how to create videos in Panopto, please see this documentation for Windows and Mac.


  • Student access

1. Upload your Panopto Recording to Canvas
1.1.  Navigate to your course in Canvas and then to the Assignments tab on the left. Select the assignment that you need to submit (Fig. 1).

Canvas, Courses tab. The left-hand navigation option, "Assignments" is highlighted by a red box as is an assignment.
Figure 1
1.2. On the submission page, select the three vertical dots to expand the menu, then select the Panoptop icon or the plug icon (Fig. 2).

Text editor, Canvas. On it, the "More" menu is expanded and the plug icon is highlighted by a red box
Figure 2
1.3.  In the window that appears, Select App, search for, and select the Panopto tool (Fig. 3). 

Note: Depending on how your organization has the Panopto tool configured, it may have a
different name.

Select App window. On it, "Panopto Video" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 3
1.4. This will open a window with your Panopto. Navigate to the folder in which your video was recorded, which will be either your personal folder or the course assignment folder, depending on how your instructor has this set up (Fig. 4a). Locate and select your video (Fig. 4b). Then select Insert in the bottom right (Fig. 4c). You can also upload or record directly from this window.

Panopto recordings window. On it, the Folder selector is expanded.
Figure 4a

Embedded Video Selector, Canvas. On the Choose tab, a video is selected and highlighted by a red box.
Figure 4b

Embedded Video Selector, Canvas. On the Choose tab, a video is selected and the "Insert" button is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 4c

1.5.  Once the assignment has been submitted, you will receive a message at the top of the 

screen saying that it has been successfully submitted. Your teacher will now be able to watch 

your Panopto recording.

For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation.

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