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Using the Learn360 Canvas Plugin

Learn360 resources may be embedded using the Learn360 icon found inside Canvas.  Any content block that loads the HTML editor will have this icon.

  • Click on the Modules
  • Click the + button and add an assignment
  • Add Assignment
  • Click [Create Assignment]
  • Type the Assignment Name
  • Click the Add Item button
  • Add a title, description and multimedia of your choice.
  • To add Learn360 Content, click on the plug icon and Learn360.
  • After clicking the Learn360 logo, you will be able to perform a search and then filter by the options below. You can preview the title to make sure it meets your assignment needs or embed the video directly from this page.
  • You will have several embed options.
  • Once you have previewed and selected your video, choose your Embed option.
  • The video will now be embedded in your assignment.  You must scroll down to save your changes and if you would like the assignment to be visible to your students, you must press Save & Publish.  You also have the option to notify students that content has been changed
  • Your assignment is now ready for students to view.

For additional information: https://infobase-learn360.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045194634-Learn360-Canvas-LTI-External-App-Overview

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