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Grade Your Assignment

In Canvas, you can manually assign points in the Gradebook, see the status of assignments for individual students, and open the Pear Deck Teacher Dashboard to view and evaluate individual responses.
⚠️Please note that Pear Deck is not integrated with Canvas SpeedGrader at this time.

In Canvas: 

  • Go to Courses and select your course.

  • In Course Options, select Grades. Use the Canvas tools to customize your grading options.

  • Go back to the Courses page, and click on the Assignment to open the The Teacher Dashboard . Click through the slides in the Dashboard to see the individual responses with their names (if the Projector View is open, click on the 3-dots menu to open the Dashboard in a new tab so you can see the names).
  • You can toggle back to the Grades page to adjust point values.
  • In the Dashboard, you can leave comments for individual students with Pear Deck Teacher Feedback .

In Pear Deck:

  • Open the The Teacher Dashboard and click on a slide to view all of the responses you've collected on it. You can open this Dashboard View within your Pear Deck Assignment in Canvas!

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