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Adding Users to a Course

As a teacher, you can add HIDOE Staff manually to the course as students. If you would like assistance with a bulk upload process, please see the instructions below on how to submit a ticket.


Adding participants manually:

  • In Course Navigation, click the People link.
  • Click on the + People button    
  • Choose "Add user(s) by" Login ID
  • Enter the 10-digit Employee ID (to add multiple users at once, separate each ID by a comma)
  • NOTE: You can also choose to add users by email address. HIDOE employees, by default, have their email address set to "10-digit Employee ID"@k12.hi.us.

  • Click Next

  • Verify the users that you want to add
  • Click Add Users
  • The user will show up in the list of people in the course.
  • Next to their name it will indicate "pending".
  • Users added to courses this way will need to "Accept" the invitation to the course and will get an automatic email notification.

Requesting assistance for bulk upload:

Submit a ticket with the following information:

  • Subject: PD Course Bulk Enrollment
  • Course Name:
  • Attach an excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) that includes participants first name, last name, and Employee ID:

First NameLast NameEmployee ID

NOTE: Users enrolled through a bulk import will not get an automatic email notification that they've been enrolled in a course in Canvas. They will not have to "Accept" the invitation in the course and will be active.

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