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How to Submit an Assignment in Canvas using Turnitin

This article will explain how to submit an assignment in Canvas using Turnitin for students. 

  • To submit an assignment in Canvas using Turnitin: select one of the following submission types:

    • File Upload
    • Text Entry
    • Google Drive (LTI 1.3)
  • Then check the box for the end-user license agreement, and then click Submit Assignment.

  • After submitting the assignment, go to the Grades screen.  Initially there will be an hourglass icon at the right of the assignment indicating the paper is being processed by Turnitin.  The processing will be complete in 30-60 seconds.  After that time, you may click on the hourglass icon to view the Similarity Report.

  • Or, if you entered the Grades screen 30-60 seconds after submitting the assignment, then the hourglass will have changed to a colored rectangle.  Click on the colored rectangle to see the Similarity Report.

  • If entering the Grades screen within 30-60 seconds, the hourglass icon will never automatically change to the final colored rectangle unless the user clicks refresh on the browser.  However, the hourglass icon can still be clicked to see the Similarity Report.

  • The following is the key to the colors in the rectangle:

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