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How to Read the Turnitin Similarity Report

This article will explain how students can read the Turnitin Similarity Report.

  • Once you have clicked the icon to open the Similarity Report, you will see several options on the right of the screen.

    • A. Match Overview
    • B. All Sources
    • C. Filters and Settings
    • D. Download
    • E. Submission Information

  • A. Match Overview 
  • This screen shows the sources that are found in your paper.  If you click on one of the sources at the right, then you will find the matching phrase/sentence in your paper on the left.

  • B. All Sources 
  • This screen shows all the sources (e.g. student repository, website content) found in your paper.  Whereas "Match Overview" shows only one matching source on the internet, "All Sources" will show all the webpages that have the identical information.

  • C. Filters and Settings 
  • This allows you to change the settings used in the Canvas assignment.  For example, if your instructor didn't click "Exclude Bibliography" in the Canvas assignment instructions, you may now click that option and click "Apply Changes" to re-run the report with the new settings.

  • D. Download

  • Current View

    • You can download the Similarity Report showing the sources that match with your paper.
  • Digital Receipt 

    • You can download a statement showing when you submitted the paper.
  • Originally Submitted File
    • You can download the original file without the Similarity Report.

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