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Edit Padlet: Modify Settings

You can modify your setting in Padlet. 

  • If you are wanting to edit an existing padlet, go to the Padlet dashboard (click on the Padlet icon in the top left corner) and select the desired padlet.
    • Note: *To delete an existing padlet, see these instructions.
Best practices for settings would include the following:
  • In Share, set it to “Secret” 
  • In Share, set permissions for “Visitors” (Students) as desired. Options include: 
    • Can read only 
    • Can write (post)
  • In Share, set desired permissions for Comments 
  • In Settings, toggle “Attribution” on 
To update your settings, click the Setting icon in your right menu>
From the Modify screen, edit information and settings as desired
  • Title
  • Description
  • Wallpaper 
    • Solid Colors 
    • Gradients 
    • Textures and Patterns 
    • Pictures 
    • Add your own wallpaper
  • Color Scheme 
  • Font
  • Attribution which enables student submissions to automatically associate their name with their post 
  • Whether you would like new posts to appear in first or last position 
  • Toggle Comments to “on” so students can comment on your padlet 
  • Reactionsto posts 
    • Like posts 
    • Vote - thumbs up or thumbs down 
    • Star - Give posts 1-5 stars 
    • Grade - Give posts  a numeric score
  • Require approval of comments before posting. Toggling this on would mean posts will not show until you approve it so frequent monitoring is necessary. 
  • Toggle the filter profanity  to “on/off” to replace bad words with emojis. 
  • Toggle the remakes to “on/off” if you would like to allow students to remake/copy your padlet. 
  • Click Next to save these settings
  • To update your privacy settings Click the Share Icon
  • If you would like your students to be able to post to the Padlet, click the change privacy button.
  • Update your settings to Secret > visitor permissions to Can writeSave

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