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Complete & Turn In Work for CK-12 as a Student

Students don’t need separate CK-12 accounts. They access each assignment directly in Canvas, complete their work, and turn it in.

Click on Modules and then the Assignment.
The CK-12 lesson will either load in the current window or have a button to Load CK-12 Practice in a New Window.

  1. If it's embedded in the Canvas window, you can scroll down to review the content.
  2. After you have reviewed the content, click Start Practice.

Click Start Practicing

You are attempting to get 10 correct in this practice

You are trying to reach a practice goal of 100%

You can stop at anytime and resume where you left off
When you've reached 100% or are satisfied with your progress, click Turn In 
In Canvas, click on Grades.

The Assignment score, based on your practice percentage, will sync with Canvas.

For additional information, please review the CK-12 video below:

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