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Using Flip with Canvas

STEP 1: Create a Flip Account
In order for the integration to work, you must have an active Flip account.

1. Go to info.flip.com and click the Sign Up button.

Choose Continue with Google.

Use your @k12.hi.us account to create an account.

Note: If you do not have an @k12.hi.us Department email, use the email you are using in Canvas.

Complete the process to sign in to your Google account.
You may need to enter your DOB and country/region.

Once you are signed in to Flip, you can either open a new browser tab or close the window.

STEP 2: Create Your Canvas Assignment

You must create a new assignment for the integration to work.

Important: The integration won't work if you simply change the settings for an existing assignment.

Access Canvas and the course where you want to add the assignment.

Click on Modules

Click the + button to add an Assignment to your Module.
Add an Assignment

Click [Create Assignment]

Enter information into the "Assignment Name" field

Click Add Item

Once the assignment is created, click the assignment title link.
Click Edit

Add additional assignment settings: 
  • You can enter assignment instructions into the rich content editor.
  • You can enter the point value for this assignment.

Under “Submission Type", click the dropdown and select External Tool.

Under “Enter or find an External Tool URL”, click Find.

Scroll down to select “Flip.” This will integrate Flip with the assignment.

Click Select.

For the “Load this Tool In A New Tab”:

  • Check the box: If you want Flip to open in a new tab when students access Flip on Canvas.
  • Do not check the box: If you want students to find Flip embedded on Canvas.
At the bottom, click Save & Publish.
If you chose "Load this Tool In a New Tab" click "Load [Assignment name] in a new window" button.
If this is your first time accessing Flip from the course, you will be prompted to 'Create a course group'.

This will connect your Canvas course to Flip.

Your course title will appear under the Groups area.

Once you have a course group, each assignment that you connect will automatically create a Flip topic.
For additional information, see Flip set up information.

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