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Grading Your Flip Assignment

Canvas assignments are connected to Flip topics, student responses show up in SpeedGrader. 

When you are ready to grade your assignment, access SpeedGrader

Enter grade

Add a comment

Click Submit

Note: When a student submits multiple videos in response to a Flip topic, they become available in SpeedGrader via the Submission to view dropdown in the top-right corner. The most recent submission will be at the top. 

Please note the following as well:

  • The LTI simply lumps all recorded videos into a collection, as one "submission" from the same student. Thus, SpeedGrader will only allow you to submit one grade per student for the assignment. If you'd like to grade comments, make sure to do this directly on Flip.
  • SpeedGrader doesn't provide any context or indicator to help you identify each type of response, for example the difference between a video or comment.
  • Comments to video responses in a topic will not show up on SpeedGrader. 

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