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Participating in a Webex Meeting

When participating in a Webex meeting, here’s how to:

  • Choose your audio and video settings before you join a meeting or webinar

  • Mute or unmute

  • Start or stop your video during a Webex meeting, webinar, or event

  • Use the chat to communicate

  • Use virtual backgrounds in Webex Meetings

Here's an overview of the Webex interface: Welcome Slide

Choose Your Audio and Video Settings Before You Join a Meeting or Webinar

  • When you first click on the link to your Webex meeting, you can decide how you would like to connect to audio by clicking on the audio button. 
  • Select how to connect:
    • Use computer audio, to use your computer's built-in microphone and speakers. (It is recommended to use a USB headset or earbuds w/mic if your laptop mic is low quality.)
    • Call in with your mobile phone. After entering the meeting, you will be prompted with the Call-In details. Dial the phone number presented, then when prompted, enter your Access Code/Meeting Number followed by #, then enter your Attendee ID number followed by #. DO NOT SKIP entering in your unique attendee ID number. 
    • Don’t connect your audio when you are in a room that already has an audio source in the same meeting you are about to join. 

  • If using your computer audio, you can choose to mute or unmute yourself by clicking on the mute or unmute button.
  • You may access additional audio settings for your speaker and microphone by clicking on the pull down arrow.

  • You may also choose to turn your video on or off by clicking on start video or stop video button.

  • You may also test your speaker and microphone before you get into the meeting by clicking on the test speaker and microphone button. 
  • Click test to test your speaker and microphone. You may adjust the output or input volume by dragging the slider to your desired volume.
  • You may also set your audio to optimize for my voice and reduce background noise and speech.  

Once you are in your meeting you will be able to participate using these options:

  • Mute or unmute
  • Start or stop your video
  • Share your screen if allowed by your instructor
  • Raise your hand
  • Add emojis 
  • See a list of participants
  • Chat

  • Click the pull down next to start video to change your virtual background

Please refer to this video for a helpful tutorial.

How to Manage Audio & Video


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