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Breakout Sessions for Students

Your instructor may create breakout sessions for small group discussions. If you’re assigned to a breakout session, you can join it manually or automatically after the session starts.

  • If your instructor has chosen to have you automatically join the breakout session, you will see a message and then automatically enter your session. 

  • To join the breakout session when it starts, click Join now in the message that appears.

  • If you are joining after the session has started, you will have to manually enter the breakout session. Go to the Participants panel and click Join

  • If the host or cohost has designated that participants can join any breakout session, go to the Participants panel, click Show all breakout sessions, and then click Join next to the session you want to join.

  • To leave a breakout session, click Leave Session or Leave Meeting

For more information, please visit the Webex Help Center Tutorial and click the attendees tab.


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