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How to Create a Panopto Video Assignment in a Canvas Course

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Creator role or greater

Available to Enterprise plans


This documentation will go over how to create an assignment in Canvas so that students can submit their Panopto recordings for grading.


  • Creator access to Panopto. Note: By default, being enrolled in a Canvas course as a Teacher should provide you with Creator access to the Panopto folder associated with that course.

For Students to utilize the Panopto Tool in the RCE/Rich content editor to submit assignments in Canvas, they must first have record/upload privileges. Granting record/upload privileges in Panopto can be done by creating an Assignment folder or by enabling Personal Folders for the users, which will grant them the role of a Creator.

  • Create an Assignment Folder in Panopto:
  •  In the Canvas course, select Panopto Video from the left-hand navigation (Fig. 1). 
  • Note: If Panopto does not appear in your course navigation, please follow our guidance in How to Access Panopto in a Canvas Course: Add Panopto to the Course Navigation, first.

Left-hand navigation of a Canvas course. The option "Panopto Video" is highlighted by a red box.

Figure 1
  • In the course folder that appears, select the Settings icon from the upper right corner, which appears as a cogwheel (Fig. 2).

Course folder open in Canvas. In the upper right corner of the course folder, the cog wheel icon (for "Settings") is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 2
  • On the Overview tab of the folder settings that appears, select Create Assignment Folder (Fig. 3).

Folder settings, Canvas course folder. Under "Assignment Folder," the option "Create Assignment Folder" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 3
  • The assignment folder will be created (Fig. 4). Please note: The Canvas integration will automatically add students in your course as Viewers to the course folder in Panopto. To learn more about recording to or closing an assignment folder, please see How to Allow Viewers to Record Videos Using Assignment Folders.

Assignment folder section, Overview tab of a folder's settings. On it, a link to new assignment folder appears related to the course and is highlighted by a red box
Figure 4
  • Create an Assignment in Canvas Navigate to your course in Canvas. 
  • Select the Assignments tab, located in the left-hand navigation, and then click the +Assignment button in the top right to add a new assignment (Fig. 5).

Assignments tab, Canvas. "Assignments" in the left-hand navigation is highlighted by a red box, and in the upper right corner, the "+ Assignment" button is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 5
  • In the assignment editor, fill out the assignment and instructions in the text box if needed. Instructions for what students can expect from the submission process can be found here.
  • Tips for providing your students with instructions:
  • Copy and paste the link above to provide your students with a "how-to" guide for submitting their assignments.
  • Add a direct link to the assignment folder. You can find this link by clicking Panopto in the navigation menu -> Click the Assignment folder created in Step 1 above -> click the gear icon for Settings -> click the Share tab -> copy the link at the top of this page and paste it to the Assignment text box in Canvas.
  • Make sure that the Submission Type is set to Online and then set to Text Entry so that students have access to the Panopto embed tool (Fig. 6).

New Assignment window, Canvas. The menu for "Submission Type" is set to "Online," and the option "Text Entry" is selected and highlighted by a red box.
Figure 6
  • Click Save at the bottom to save the assignment, and then select Publish when you are ready for students to review it (Fig. 7a). 
  • The Publish button will now state Published to indicate that your students can view it (Fig. 7b) Students can now submit their Panopto recordings here for you to review.

A new Canvas assignment. In the upper right corner, the button "Publish" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 7a

A new Canvas assignment. In the upper right corner, the button "Published" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 7b
  • Review and Grade Student Assignments
  • Navigate to the Assignment and click SpeedGrader in the upper right corner (Fig. 8).

Assignment, Canvas. In the upper right corner, "Speedgrader" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 8
  • Each submission will include an embedded version of the students' Panopto videos (Fig. 9).
  • Complete the assessment of the submission by entering a grade.
A student's submitted assignment open in SpeedGrader, in Canvas.
Figure 9

For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation. 

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