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How to Use a Panopto Quiz as a Canvas Assignment

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Creator role or greater

Available to Enterprise plans

Video Tutorial: How to Use a Panopto Quiz as a Canvas Assignment.mp4


Instructors can create a Panopto video assignment that is synced with Canvas and will report back quiz results and data. This allows instructors to both see who has taken the quiz and their results, as well as allows instructors to add quiz scores to the users' grades in the Canvas course. Students can easily view the Panopto video and take embedded quizzes through Canvas. 


  • Admin access to Panopto

  • Instructor access to Canvas 

Please note: Playlists are not currently supported with this feature.

  • Creating an Assignment
  • In the Canvas course, select the Assignments tab from the left-hand navigation (Fig. 1).

Canvas course. In the left-hand navigation, "Assignments" is highlighted by a red box
Figure 1
1.2.  In the top-right corner of the Assignments window, select the + Assignment button (Fig. 2).
Assignments window, Canvas. In the upper right corner, the  "+ Assignment" button is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 2
1.3. In the textboxes provided, add an Assignment Name, a description (if needed), and then provide a Points value for the assignment (Fig. 3).  Please note: the setting Display Grades As is required to be set to Points, as Panopto does not support any of the other grading types at this time.

Create new assignment window. On it, the text boxes for Assignment name, the Description, and Points are highlighted by red boxes, as is the "Display Grade As" dropdown menu, which is set to "Points."
Figure 3
1.4.  For the Submission Type, select External Tool. Then, select the Find button menu (Fig. 4). 

Note: If you select the checkbox for Load This Tool In A New Tab, your students will be
prompted to launch the video in a new browser tab. If you leave this unchecked, the video will
embed and play directly within the Canvas assignment.

Submission Type section, new Canvas assignment. On it, "External Tool" is selected in the dropdown menu and highlighted by a red box, as is the option to "Find," for "Enter or find an External Tool URL"
Figure 4
1.5.  When Find is selected, a pop-up window will appear with a list of your Canvas external tools. Select your Panopto external tool, and then select which Panopto video you'd like to set as the assignment. Select Insert. (Fig. 5). Note: you can also set your Video Embed Options before inserting the video.

Embedded Video Selector, Canvas. On the Choose tab, a video selected and the "Insert" button are highlighted by a red box.
Figure 5
1.6.  In the Assign box, you can set the availability for the assignment and its due date.  Select Save for later editing or Save & Publish to make it available to students during the availability dates set in the Assign box. (Fig. 6).

Note: if you've edited an assignment after saving and
publishing it, selecting the checkbox next to Notify users that this content has changed will let
your students know that the assignment has changed.

Assign section, new Canvas assignment.
Figure 6
1.7.  Once saved, the assignment will now show up on the Assignments page and can be edited by the instructor (Fig. 7). Please note: Students must use the link in the assignment for their grade to report back to Canvas.

1.8. Please note the following: 
  • You can embed a video without an existing quiz in it. If you want to do this, select Save, go to Panopto and create the quiz in the editor, and then go back to Canvas and click Save & Publish. If you embed a video with multiple quizzes, they will be rolled up into one score and tracked as one assignment instead of as individual quizzes in the video. 
  • In order for a quiz grade to be passed to the Canvas Gradebook, the user must complete all questions in the quiz, as there is no partial credit. This is also true in instances where there are multiple correct answers/multiple choice, where the user will receive a zero score unless they select all of the correct answers.

Assignments window, Canvas.  A new Panopto Video Assignment appears, and is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 7
  • Viewing Grades
    • In the Canvas course, select Grades from the left-hand navigation (Fig. 8).

Canvas course. In the left-hand navigation, "Grades" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 8
  • In the top row of the gradebook, you will see the video assignment name. Underneath it, the scores for each student will appear to the right of their name (Fig. 9).

Canvas gradebook. The row with the created Panopto assignment is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 9
  • To only view the created assignment in the gradebook,  select the dropdown arrow in the Assignment Names dropdown menu, or use its textbox to search for it (Fig. 10a).

Assignment names dropdown, Canvas Gradebook. On it, the assignment created in step 1 is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 10a
  • This will filter the gradebook so that only the grades for the assignment selected will appear (Fig. 11b).

Canvas gradebook, filtered by a specific assignment. The assignment row and search box are both highlighted by red boxes.
Figure 11b
  • To see a specific student's grades, select their name in the gradebook, and in the window that appears, select Grades under the course name (Fig. 12a).

Gradebook, Canvas. On it, a student's name is highlighted on the list, and a window appears in the right-hand side, with Student information and the button "Grades" highlighted by a red box.
Figure 12a
  • A list of the student's assignments and grades will appear (Fig. 12b).
Individual Student Grades, Canvas.
Figure 12b

 For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation.

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