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Turnitin Settings within Canvas Assignment

The following article will go over Turnitin settings within Canvas. 

Create an assignment with the "online" submission type. Then choose one or both of the following options.  The other types of entry options can be selected, but are not used with Turnitin.

  • Text Entry
  • File Uploads

Choose the desired settings.

A. Store submissions in

  • Standard paper repository
  • Do not store the submitted papers

The default setting is to choose "Standard paper repository". This will allow future submissions to compare against this submission.  If choosing to not store the paper, you will still receive a Similarity Report, but the paper cannot be compared against future submissions.

If you are creating multiple assignments in Canvas for draft and final papers, be sure to select "do not store" for the draft paper assignment. Otherwise, the final paper will show 100% plagiarized since it is comparing against the draft paper already submitted.  Still choose "standard paper repository" for the Canvas assignment of the final version of the paper.

However, if you are having students submit multiple drafts of a paper in the same Canvas assignment by doing re-submissions, then you may click "standard paper repository" since the paper will not be flagged against a previous submitted paper in the same Canvas Assignment.

If you do accidentally set the draft assignment to store to the repository, then click here for how to exclude the draft paper and rerun the Similarity Report.

B. Compare submissions against

  • Student Repository
  • Website content
  • Periodicals, journals and publications

It is recommended to select all three options.  The only time to unselect an option is if the instructor knows a particular source will give a false positive in the Similarity Report. The first option is papers submitted to Turnitin in a previous course.  The second and third options are for content found on the internet and within publications.

C. Similarity Report

  • Exclude bibliographic materials
  • Exclude quoted materials
  • Exclude small sources

It is recommended to select all three options.  The first option is to skip checking the bibliography at the end of a paper.  The second option is to skip checking sentences held within quotation marks.  The third option is largely to skip headings such as the running header in the top right corner of papers using MLA format. A good source exclusion threshold is between 5 and 10 words.

D. Miscellaneous

  • Enable grammar checker using ETS e-rater technology

See here for documentation for how to use the ETS r-rater.

E. Show report to students

  • Immediately
  • After the assignment is graded
  • After the duedate
  • Never

The typical setting is to show the Similarity Report immediately to students once they submit the assignment. However, if the instructor knows several students may try to plagiarize in the same class, then withholding the report until after the assignment is graded or after the duedate might be a good option.

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