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How to Re-Check an Assignment Accidentally Submitted to the Student Repository

This article will explain how to re-check an assignment that is accidentally submitted to a student repository.

  • If you have separate draft and final versions of an assignment in Canvas, you should set the draft assignment to "Do not store the submitted papers" and set the final paper to "Standard paper repository".  Otherwise, the final papers will be flagged as 100% plagiarized by Turnitin since it is comparing against the draft assignment which was already submitted.
  • However, there is a workaround in case the instructor accidently set the draft assignment to be sent to the standard paper repository.  A challenge is, however, that the workaround needs to be done for every student's final paper.  There is no way to remove the draft papers for all students in one method.

  • In order to rerun the Similarity Report with the draft paper excluded, go to SpeedGrader and open the Similarity Report as normally done.
  • Then select the following option:
    • C. All Sources

  • Click on the match and then click on "Exclude Sources" at the bottom.

  • Check the box next to the source and click "Exclude".  The Similarity Report will then be rerun giving a new score for the paper. 
  • Note: this will need to be done for each student who submits the assignment.  There is no way to exclude all student drafts of a previous Canvas assignment.

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