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Interactive Tools: Annotation Tools

Cisco Webex comes with a variety of interactive tools that can be used to check for understanding during your virtual classroom sessions. Utilizing the following tool during your virtual session will help keep your students engaged and provide you with valuable feedback to see if they are understanding the content that is being presented.

Allow students to jot down thoughts, responses, underline terms, circle items, etc. on the digital whiteboard and/or uploaded slides utilizing the annotation tools
  • Click , then select Start New Whiteboard.
  • Both you and your students can utilize the annotation tools on the left panel to annotate.
  • Select the arrow icon to draw attention to specific a point on the screen. 
  • The arrow pointer includes your name. If you're on Windows, click the arrow to select the laser pointer.
  • To move a shape, hover over the border of the shape 
  • until your cursor changes to the move cursor , and then drag the shape to its new location.
  • Draw freehand using the pen. If you're on Windows, click the arrow to draw with a pencil. 
  • Change color by clicking  first.

  • You can also draw freehand using the magic pen feature to make lines you add with the pen tool automatically smoother and straighter.
  • Erase an annotation by selecting the eraser and then selecting the annotation.
  • If you're on Windows, click the right arrow to erase all annotations or only theirs.
  • Add sticky notes by selecting the sticky note icon and clicking on the area you want to add the note. Drag the note to the size you want, and select the color of the sticky note. Click the + button to add another sticky note.

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