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Interactive Tools: Breakout Rooms

Cisco Webex comes with a variety of interactive tools that can be used to check for understanding during your virtual classroom sessions. Utilizing the following tool during your virtual session will help keep your students engaged and provide you with valuable feedback to see if they are understanding the content that is being presented.

Utilize breakout rooms for smaller group discussions, collaboration, etc. to explore case studies, complete group exercises, etc.
TIP: Assign a student to lead each group.
  • To create breakout rooms for your class, click , then select Enable Breakout Sessions.
  • On the top panel select Breakout Sessions then click Breakout Session Assignments.
  • Select +Add Session to create and name each breakout room.
  • Select Assign to place each student in their respective group. 
  • Click Start Breakout Session on the bottom right to begin your breakout sessions.
  • Select Reset in the Breakout Session Assignments window to choose the following types of breakout sessions:
    • Assign participants automatically 
    • Assign participants manually
    • Let participants choose any session
  • You can also determine the number of breakout sessions. 
Students can learn how to navigate breakout rooms using Breakout Sessions for Students.

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