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Best Practices When Setting Up Your Padlet Activity

If you want to receive an indication of student submittal of a post to your Padlet and/or the ability to associate a rubric, here are some alternatives: 

Do not utilize this integrated Canvas Padlet Assignment feature and instead create a regular Canvas assignment with a link to your Padlet activity.

  • Create a regular Canvas assignment (i.e., Submission Type: Online, Online Entry Options: Text Entry) and manually embed a padlet from your hidoe.padlet.org account. 
  • Unfortunately, even if you set the padlet to "Attribution" on, the names of student posts and comments show up as anonymous (see image). 
  • With this method, you will need to instruct students to include their name with their posts and comments as these will show as anonymous. 
  • Rubrics can be associated with this method and students can click a submit button indicating completion of this activity

Option #2: Create a Separate Assignment that Instructs Students to Indicate Completion 

With the integrated Canvas Padlet assignment, student names will be associated with each post, however, there is no means to indicate when students have  completed their post and rubrics cannot be used to grade this assignment. Thus, create a separate Canvas assignment for students to indicate that they have completed the padlet activity and make this the one with the assigned points, associated rubric, etc. for grading.

Module View
  • In Modules, create the 2 assignments
  •  Indent the completion assignment to indicate that these 2 assignments are related.
Assignment View 

Create the two assignments: 

  • One for the activity using the External Tool option 
    • Student names are automatically associated with their posts and comments 
    • Setup is relatively streamline 
  • One to indicate completion of activity
Gradebook View
Two columns will appear: 
  • One for the integrated Canvas Padlet assignment worth 0 points. 
  • One to enter grades for the activity with the ability to grade from an associated rubric.

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