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How to Create Panopto Content in a Canvas Course

1. Upload or Create Content

1.1 Use the Create menu button, located to the right of the search bar, to upload or create content in Panopto through Canvas (Fig. 1).

Panopto course folder appears in a Canvas course. The "Create" button is highlighted by a red box.

2. The Create Button

2.1. Click on the Create button in Panopto (Fig. 2).

2.1.a.  Record a new session: This option will allow you to download and install Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac. If the Windows Recorder is already installed you will have the option to launch the recorder; this will also automatically sign you into the recorder with the credentials you used to login to the web interface. Read more about basic recording.

2.1.b. Panopto Capture: This option launches Panopto Capture, which allows a user to easily record audio, video, and entire screens or application windows from directly within their browser, and no download is required. Read more about Panopto Capture. 

2.1.c. Upload media: This option will allow you to upload audio files, a single video, or multiple videos (up to 100 at once), that will create new Panopto Sessions. Read more about uploading videos.

2.1.d.  Webcast: This option will create a URL for you to live broadcast to at a later time. Read more about webcasting

2.1.e. Scheduled recording: If you have access to schedule automatic recordings using a remote recorder, you can schedule recordings using this option. Read more about scheduling recordings.

2.1.f. Build a session: This option will allow you to upload multiple videos and PowerPoint files to create a Panopto session. Read more about Build a Session. 

2.1.g.  Playlist: Playlists allow videos within your Panopto site to be presented in a single, ordered list even if those videos exist in different folders. Read more about Playlists.

2.1.h. New Folder: This option will create a new folder on the server that you can use to keep videos organized. Read more about folder management.

Create menu, expanded

3. Additional Resources for Creating Content

3.1.    The following articles review methods for creating and uploading content in Panopto: 

For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation

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