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How to Use the Panopto Video Tool in Canvas

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Creator role or greater

Available to Enterprise plans

1. Selecting the Panopto Video Tool
1.1.  Select the Panopto Video tool from your course's left-hand navigation (Figure 1)
Canvas course, left-hand navigation. On it, "Panopto Video" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 1
2. Panopto Folder Organization in Canvas
2.1. In Panopto, all videos are organized into folders. When you open the course tool, you are taken directly to the folder that is automatically set up to store the videos for your course (Fig. 2). This folder is shared with everyone enrolled in the Canvas course. Instructors have access to create, modify, and share videos. Students only have access to search for and view videos. To share a video with students enrolled in the class, add it to this folder.  
Panopto course folder appears in a Canvas course.Figure 2
2.3. Though most of Panopto's features are available inside the course tool, you can open Panopto in its own browser tab by clicking the arrow icon located in the upper right corner (Fig. 3a). Full tab view makes it easier to manage videos across multiple course folders. To learn more about the Panopto Video Library and browsing content, please visit How to Navigate the Video Library.
Panopto course folder appears in a Canvas course. In the upper right corner of the folder, the icon to Open in Panopto (an arrow exiting a box) appears highlighted by a red box.
Figure 3a
2.3.a.  While in full tab view, you may see My Folder listed in the sidebar menu (Fig. 3b). If available, My Folder is a personal folder where you can create and edit videos before sharing them with your students. After editing, move the videos to the correct course folder. To learn more about the My Folder and moving videos, please use the following articles:
Course folder open in Panopto. In the left-hand navigation, "My Folder" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 3b

For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation.

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