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How to Sort Videos Inside a Folder


Who can use this feature?
Users with the Creator role or greater
Available to Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans

Learn how to custom sort the videos inside of a Panopto folder. This allows users to change the order that their videos are displayed as well as display the next video at the end of each video that has been custom sorted.

  • Creator access to Panopto

  • Changing the Video Order
  • Open the folder you want to custom sort videos in and select the settings icon, which looks like a cogwheel, from the upper right-hand corner (Fig. 1).

Folder navigation. On it, the Settings icon, which looks like a cog wheel, is highlighted by a red box
Figure 1
  • Select the Order tab, and then select the checkbox Set the display order for this folder (Fig. 2). The videos will appear underneath.
Order tab, folder settings in Panopto. On it, the tab and the checkbox to the left of "Set the display order for this folder" are highlighted by red boxes.
Figure 2
  • Drag and drop the videos to change their order (Fig. 3). The order will automatically save.
Animated image of a cursor, highlighted in yellow, in the Order tab, drags and drops videos to reorder them.
Figure 3
  • The browser tab that the folder is open in will reload and display the correct order. Once a video is viewed, a message will appear to the Viewer that allows them to watch the video again, by selecting Play again, or to select the next video in the set order (Fig. 4).

"This video has ended" window in Panopto. The option to "Play again," as well as the button for the next video in the order, are highlighted by red boxes.
Figure 4

For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation.

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