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How to Use "My Folder"

Personal Folders provides users with a private sandbox for creating and sharing videos. Administrators can choose whether or not a user has a My Folder. This documentation demonstrates how to utilize a Personal Folder.


  • Creator access to Panopto
Who can use this feature?
Users with the Creator role or greater
Available to Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans

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1. Creating Sessions in My Folder
1.1.  In order to add a Session to your personal folder, select My Folder from the left navigation bar then click on the Create button to record a new session or upload video files to My Folder (Fig. 1).

Panopto site. On it, the My Folder tab and Create button are highlighted by a red box.
2. Creating Folders in My Folder

Note: Users might not be able to create folders (at the parent level or within their My Folder) depending on how their local Panopto administrator has configured the Panopto site setting, Creators Create New Folders. 
2.1. In order to create a new Panopto folder within your Personal Folder, you have two options: 
2.1.a. Navigate to My Folder and select the Add folder button (Fig. 2).
2.1.b. Select the + Create and from the dropdown that appears, select New Folder (Figs. 3a and 3b). Then, confirm that Parent Folder is set to My Folder (Fig. 3c).

My Folder, Panopto. On it, the tertiary top toolbar lists subfolders of the My Folder. To their right the button "Add folder" is highlighted by a red box.
Panopto Portal. In the upper left corner, the button + Create is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 3a

+Create menu, expanded. On it, the last option, "New Folder: Create a new folder to organize your videos" is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 3b

Create Folder rmenu. To the right of "Parent Folder,"  "My Folder" has been selected and is highlighted by a red box.
Figure 3c
3. Tips
3.1. My Folder is always at the top of the Folder list (Fig. 4).

Browse menu expanded in Panopto. "My Folder" is at the top of the list, and  highlighted by a red box.
Figure 4
3.2. You cannot share My Folder itself, but you can share sessions/folders within it. If you try to share My Folder currently, you will receive the Personal folder can't be shared error message (Fig. 5).

Share tab of the My Folder Settings window. On it, the error message "Personal folder can't be shared" appears.
Figure 5

For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit our Canvas documentation. 

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